Language English

Launched 2015
Closed No

Developer Francesco Petruzzelli and Andy Curran

Country of Origin UK

2015 - [...]

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Charity or Green Search
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Tech.London (2017): » is a private limited company based in London, UK. We have created a search platform which allows users to control all aspects of their online lives from one easy to use webpage. We allow the user to decide how to personalise both the aesthetics and functionality of their search while catering to both their social and search needs. We incorporate social media, emails, news, weather and many more features into the search experience.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

WhaleSlide - Mobile World Congress: »WhaleSlide is a beautiful new search engine dedicated to privacy, sharing and charity. Human knowledge is key to discovery so we’ve made it possible for users to curate content found online into ‘Collections’ and share it with the world. Find more than just algorithmically ranked links and tap into a world of true human influence. Money users raise online is donated to charity and we offer WhaleSlide as a WhiteLabel for organisations eager to create a search engine of their own. If you’re looking for totally private and ad-free search with a conscience then WhaleSlide is for you.« Source


References & further Publications

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Created: 2017-04-21