Type Once, get results from up to 37 search engines!


Launched 1998
Closed 2013

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin Unknown

1998 - 2013 Unknown

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Multi Search

Used SeEn Alta Vista; Infoseek; Yahoo; Excite; HotBot; WebCrawler; Google Search Engine; LookSmart; Lycos; Magellan; Snap; Yahooligans; WebWombat; Euroseek; News Index; Filez; LawCrawler; EuroFerret; Ananzi; metacrawler; Cyber 411; Highway 61; Mining Co; Deja News; WhatUseek; SavvySearch; Northern Light Search; Megaspider; BOTBOT; WiseNut; MetaSpider; FAST (Fast Search & Transfer); Teoma; Direct Hit; GoTo;; Sprinks; Kanoodle; MSN Search; AOL Search; NationalDirectory

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite was a multi search search engine operating from 1998 to 2013. It allowed entering a search term once, and choosing between 37 search engines or directories or switching between them, from a single point. Sadly I didnít find any reviews or other publications about So I donít know who the owner is and where the engine comes from. It looks like 800go and belongs to the owner or network that belongs too [kd2015].


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Created: 2015-09-26